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Steelie Components

Mobile Device Accessories

Extend the usefulness of your Steelie with these additional components.

Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Kit
Perfect for families that have multiple mobile phones or devices, but who share a vehicle or workspace. Each location can have its very own Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket to easily attach to either the Steelie Car Mount or the Steelie Pedestal Kit. You can also take advantage of the strong magnet to secure to any metal surface. Each kit contains: 1 magnetic phone socket & cleaning pad.

Steelie Car Mount Kit Replacement Adhesive Kit
No need to worry about buying a whole new Steelie Car Mount Kit every time you replace your smartphone. Purchase a replacement adhesive kit and you can easily move your Steelie Phone Socket and Dash Ball to a new device or location. Kit contains: 2 x large 3M® VHB™ Adhesive Pads to fit the Steelie Dash Ball, 2 x small 3M® VHB™ adhesive pads to fit the Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket, and 2 x cleaning cloths.

Steelie Dash Ball Kit
Multiple vehicles? Don't forget to purchase an extra Steelie Ball Mount so you can have the incredible functionality of the Steelie Car Mount Kit in every vehicle, boat, or plane you own. Compatible with both Steelie Magnetic sockets. Each kit contains: 1 Dash Ball, 1 large 3M® VHB™ Adhesive Pads to fit the Steelie Dash Ball, and 1 Cleaning Pads.

Steelie Magnetic Tablet Socket Kit
A great addition for households or workplaces with multiple devices. Securely attach the Steelie Magnetic Tablet Socket to any device for instant attachment to any Steelie Tabletop Stand, HobKnob Kit or metal surface. Each kit contains: 1 magnetic tablet socket & cleaning pad.

Steelie Tablet Socket Replacement Adhesive Kit
New device? No need to purchase a new Steelie Pedestal or HobKnob Kit. Simply remove the existing adhesive, replace it with a brand new one, and you are ready to go. Each kit contains: 2x 3M® VHB™ Adhesive Pads, and 2x cleaning pads.


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  • David

    austin, tx

    Tuesday, April 15, 2014

    This is the best thing I have used and seen, in along time. It holds my iPod on my vibrating Harley with no problem. Doesn't move at all when most bolts vibrate off.. love it..


  • wayne barnard

    Lake Cathie, NSW

    Monday, February 17, 2014

    Great idea. Easy to attach components. Just wish my store had the whole range..pedestal kit would have been better for my car GPS rather than the car mount kit. Otherwise works very well.


  • Angelica Fox

    Denver, Highlands Ranch

    Saturday, February 08, 2014

    Love this product. Simple, easy to use,